Kitkat & Boppo

Vsinger / Singer-songwriter / Streamer
(with the dinosaur)


About Me

G'day, I'm Kitkat and this is Boppo!

I'm a singersongwriter born and raised in Australia!
I have grown up with music in my life and have a background in piano, saxophone but now currently play guitar and sing. I have been writing and producing covers and originals for 5 years now!


Music Commission Info


1. Fill out the application form with the backing / instrumental track you want to sing to2. I will contact you within a week for your commission3. I will discuss the project details with you and will give you a quote4. Sending me your recordings etc via google drive or other file sharing platform5. Once I'm ready to start I will send the invoice to you which can be paid up front or in 50/50 installments


  • Payment is made by Paypal after receiving the recordings from you

  • Cancelling the order after sending the recording and paying will result in a 100% refund IF I haven't started your request yet. Otherwise it will be 50% refundable. Once the commission has been delivered I will not take refunds.

  • I allow unlimited revisions as I want you to be happy with the result

  • I have a right to reject a request if I think I am not capable of doing it justice, I want you to be happy with the result in the end!

  • There may be extra fees for changes that you want that come much later in production e.g re-recording etc

  • Please credit my work somewhere attached to your work (comment section / description etc)

  • I retain the right to use commissioned pieces are my personal portfolio but please let me know if you don't want your commission shared!

  • My commissions are for personal use only! (unless you buy the rights) meaning you cannot use it for profit

  • After I finish with the commission, I will send you two versions of the mix, one in .mp3 and another in .wav

  • I am not responsible for any copyright / demonetisation that may occur unless it is an original song

  • After we come to an agreement, i will send you the invoice and then start working on the track as soon as I can

If you understand and agree to all these T.O.S



Music Commission Info


I mixed these covers!

Vtuber: xshiiro
Vocal Mixing : KitkatBoppo

Vtuber: Yukitora9 & KitkatBoppo
Vocal Mixing : KitkatBoppo

Vtuber: Icelyn & KitkatBoppo
Vocal Mixing : KitkatBoppo


I produced the following background music for streams!

Vtuber: Reki Yumiya
Vibe: Chill Rain Lo - Fi

Vtuber: Miya
Vibe: Upbeat dance

Vtuber: Lupine Commander
Vibe: Spooky


Music Commission Info

By commissioning me, you agree to my T.O.S no exceptions!