Music / Music Commissions


G'day, I'm Kitkat and this is Boppo!

I'm a singersongwriter born and raised in Australia!
I have grown up with music in my life and have a background in piano, saxophone but now currently play guitar and sing. I have been writing and producing some of my original songs for 5 years now.`


Cost will be on a case by case basis, usually $/per hr of work but I will give you a quote for the project before we start!

By commissioning me you agree to the T.O.S below, no exceptions!

- Payment is made by Paypal after receiving the recordings from you
- Cancelling the order after sending the recording and paying will result in a 100% refund IF I haven't started your request yet. Otherwise it will be 50% refundable. Once the commission has been delivered I will not take refunds.
- I allow unlimited revisions as I want you to be happy with the result
- I have a right to reject a request if I think I am not capable of doing it justice, I want you to be happy with the result in the end!
- There may be extra fees for changes that you want that come much later in production e.g re-recording etc
- I retain the right to use commissioned pieces are my personal portfolio but please let me know if you don't want your commission shared!
- My commissions are for personal use only! (unless you buy the rights)
Meaning you cannot use it for profit
- After I finish with the commission, I will send you two versions of the mix, one in .mp3 and another in .wav
- I am not responsible for any copyright / demonetisation that may occur unless it is an original song
- After we come to an agreement, i will send you the invoice and then start working on the track as soon as I can

What I require from you when we start:
- The backing / instrumental track you want to sing to
- Any reference tracks or styles that are timestamped with what vibe or mood you're going for
- Sending me your recordings etc via google drive or other file sharing platform


If you understand and agree to all these T.O.S

Let's make some music!

Background Music Examples

Example of energetic BGM

Example of Lo-Fi BGM

Spooky BGM Commission

Song Mixing Examples

Example of mixing vocals for male and female on a premade backing track
Singer: Kitkat & YukiTora

Example of full production of instruments, vocals and mixing

Example of mixing vocals for male and female on a premade backing track
Singers: Kitkat and & Icelyn

Example of extra effects of mixing vocals for male voice on a premade backing track

Commission form:

$/per hr of work for mixing / music production